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USA Made CHILLrafts are the toughest mats on the market!  CHILLrafts lay flatter, has a stronger anchor, tougher foam, and it is a superior value over the cheaper made mats.

Lays Flatter-  No matter how thick a foam mat is, it cannot provide floatation if it does not contact (lay flat) on the water's surface.  

Stronger Anchor Plate-  The anchor plate is commonly ripped out of mats; however, we have never had a CHILLraft anchor plate rip out. Others use a metal, trailer style D Ring or a Grommet plastic anchor plate, the chillraft uses a plate with (6) tempered alumium fasters and PVS bushing that are up to is 300% stronger than competitors anchors.

Tougher Foam-  All foam is NOT created equal.  Many bargain brand mats use a simple close celled foam that is closely akin to a swim noodle.  The CHILLraft utilizes state-of-the-art cross linked PE foam with super dense microcell structure & the best UV additives to prolong the life of your mat.  

Superior Value-  The extra money we spend on cross-linking, UV Protection, anchor plate tether assembly, Stabil-A-Core, TuffTEXX, etc are there to insure that a CHILLraft lasts longer and performs better.