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Like you, the Noodle Mon crew are boaters who cherish our time on the water with friends and family. The very origins of Noodle Mon are rooted in one of those unique ‘high seas’ adventures.

Years ago a friend of ours ended up on a large cruiser captained by a colorful Jamaican fellow. They were having a great day. At every stop they made, the party grew as more and more ‘crew’ climbed aboard. The reggae thumped, the beverages flowed, and girls danced on the bow as the ship powered down the lake. All was perfect, except for one very obnoxious guy (as there always is) who seemed intent on ensuring that his lack of social graces would ruin everyone’s perfect day on the water. Finally, the captain had reached his limit. He pulled back the throttles and ordered the unruly offender overboard. Suddenly, all of the women who just a few moments earlier had been demanding his departure, were now hysterical that he was being left in middle of the channel. The Jamaican captain, in his ever ‘chill’ demeanor, simply said,

                               “What. . . . . . I gave him a noodle, Mon”.

At Noodle Mon, we’re all about good times and great stories on the water.

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